Classic 682-C Headlight OTB



All Paint. From OTB Gear comes a fantastic reproduction of the most popular hot rod light of all time! Inspired by the Guide/BLC 682-C of the 1940’s. OTB goal was to make a classic even better than it ever was. Many subtle improvements were incorporated to make it a better, safer and more flexible product. A headlight worthy of being on a true quality vehicle. Priced per pair. Made in USA.

– The parking/turn signal shell is a sleek die casting – rather than a sheet metal stamping. This is secured to the headlight by two screws from the underside. Providing a much cleaner appearance when compared to the original.

– The glass parking light lens is a duplicate of the original 682-C Series 2 design – better than ever thanks to modern computer designed stainless steel molds.

– The mounting flange installs inside or outside of the headlight housing – secured by 4 stainless button head screws. Mount it outside for the old school look, or inside for a cleaner appearance.

– We provide you with an extra 2 filament turn signal bulb for backup.

– The 682-C accommodates the common 7″ headlight. (Sealed beam, Halogen, or H4 – Not included).

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 14 x 18 in


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