Low Pressure Carbureted Regulator

New from Aeromotive, the Serious Fuel System company, is the Ultra Low-Pressure Regulator features a completely unique valve, designed to support high flow at a very low pressure. Intended for multiple smaller carburetors, such as the classic Stromberg 97, Holly 94, Weber and others.Adjustable from 2-5 PSI

– Ideal for small carburetors
– (1) ORB-06 inlet port and (2) ORB-06 outlet ports
– 1/8″ NPT gauge port
– Made in USA

7mm lacquer Spark Plug Wire – Red w/ Black Tracers

Red with Black Tracers


7mm copper core lacquer covered braid over PVC
insulation spark plug wire – works great with our brass Rajah ends.
Available in 25 feet or per foot. Red with black tracers. NOT for
use with electronic ignition systems, use only with points or
magneto ignition systems. Made in USA

Stromberg Throttle Return Bracket

This throttle return bracket fits on the Stromberg Carb
at the bottom of the main carb body and features adjustable return
spring. Great for single or multi-carb setups. *Made in USA.*

1932-53 Flathead Ford V8 Adjustable Lifters

Adjustable lifters are the preferred way to maintain critical valve train tolerances while avoiding the hassle of grinding your valve seats for clearance. Includes special pair of wrenches for adjustment. Lifters are Made in USA and sold in sets of 16.

4 Gauge Under Dash Gauge Panel

Deep finned gauge panel, beautifully cast is quality
aluminum. These deep fins reflect the famous head designs of the
early hot rod era. Cast to fit your 2-1/16′ and 2-1/8″ gauges. the
textured valleys between the fins will readily grab a contrasting
paint color if desired. The top surface is undrilled so that you can
fit to your needs. Reasonably priced and cool, our under dash gauge
panels may be just what you need to give your rod a distinctive
look. Size: 12″ long by 3-1/4″ high. *Made in USA*.

Premium Fuel Line

Premium fuel line is reinforced to help prevent kinking and is rated up to 50 PSI for use with carbureted applications. Fuel line has many other uses including connecting PCV valves, coolant overflow tanks and for use as vent lines for transmissions and differentials. Line is compatible with gasoline, E-85, diesel and bio-diesel. Size indicated is I.D. of hose. Made in USA.

Sender Adapter Flange

This custom made flange adapts an early Ford, (1936-56), six hole tank opening to the standard SAE five hole pattern. Includes computer machined aluminum adapter plate and six counter-sunk Phillips stainless bolts. Made in USA.

SS Fuel Tank Sender

The finest in the world. Made in USA. Sender is made from durable 316 Stainless Steel and features the SAE 5 hole pattern for mounting and gasket. Sender is available in 240-30 Ohm or 0-90 Ohm range to match your fuel gauge. (Make sure you know the Ohm range of your gauge). Includes cork gasket. Available in different lengths – length ordered should be 1″ shorter than the depth of your tank.

Power Socket 12-Volt Set

Perfect for adding a power outlet to your rod or custom. Complete assembly includes power socket, cap and plug. Made from stamped brass/injection molded nylon & ABS. Plate is 2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and 1-7/8″. Made in USA.

Braided Primary Wire – 10ga

10 Gauge

Cotton braid over modern multi-conductor stranded copper thermoplastic insulated primary wire. The perfect period look with modern function for your hot rod, motorcycle or custom. Primary wire sold in 10 foot lengths and is 10 gauge. (Other gauges available). Made in USA