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Windshield Stop Light Prism

Whether you're running a chopped coupe or just looking for that nostalgic look......you gotta get one of these stop light prisms! Just mount it on your windshield and you can see the traffic light without breaking your neck. Attaches with suction cup base.

item #: 91061009
price: $10.95
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Deluxe Traffic Light Viewer

Super nice Deluxe Traffic Light Viewer! Labeled "Guide" - Bolt type base with nut, View head is 2 5/8" wide x 2 1/4" high fan size, Arm is 2 1/4" long with a swivel on the bottom and a ball in the viewer head. NEW REPRODUCTION - similar to units found in GM cars. A super strong magnetic base is available so you don't have to drill a hole in your dash. Choose viewer only, base only or complete set below.

Deluxe Traffic Light Viewer - Magnetic Base Only
item #: A5170
price: $6.95
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Visor Vanity Mirror with Service Record

Here's a neat mirror for your hot rod or custom. Check out these features:

- Visor Vanity Mirror with Service Record
- Polished Stainless Backing with Spring Steel Clip
- Handy Service Record Markers for Gas, Oil, Battery and Grease

item #: C5004
price: $14.95
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Swan Neck Mirrors

Beautiful exterior rear view mirrors have a 4" diameter stainless steel head and a swan neck 5" long chrome arm. Mounting is blind with screw studs. Mounting studs holes are 5/8" center to center. Price per pair.

item #: ALL76400
price: $61.95
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Inside Rear View Mirror

Hot Rod Chrome and Stainless Steel, mirror head is 2-1/2" x 6", 4-1/2" total height w/mount, 2-hole mount has 1-1/2" center to center holes

item #: M1003
price: $24.95
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Peep Mirror

Adjustable mirror, choose 3" or 4" diameter. Peep mirror clamps to top edge of door. Fits right or left side, reversible. A popular and universal mirror at a low cost. Priced each.

Peep Mirror - 3" Round
item #: C5001-1
price: $19.95
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Peep Mirror - 4" Round
item #: C5001
price: $20.95
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Convex Peep Mirror

This 4" smoked peep mirror clamps to top edge of door. Fits right or left side, reversible. Just like our other peep mirrors but features a "convex" mirror, handy for the passenger side. Priced each.

item #: C5001-CVX
price: $24.95
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4" Straight Arm Peep Mirror

Very nice 4" straight arm mirror. Door edge mounting clamp rotates so it may be used on either side.

item #: C4008
price: $22.95
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Door Hinge Mirror

High quality. Model "A" Ford hinge pin mount mirror. Features chrome die cast arm with stainless steel mirror head. Fits 1928-31 closed cars, left or right side. (Priced Each)

item #: A-17741-LR
price: $35.95
On Sale! - $32.35
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