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BRAD PENN Racing Oil
Finned Alumunum
Banjo / Fuel Fittings
Air Scoops & Filters
GIBBS Brand Lubicate
Gas Pedal
Shift Knob

"Spoon" Style Gas Pedal

"Spoon" Style gas pedal assembly mounts on the firewall or angled floor board. Available in chrome or stainless steel

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Right side famous Moon heel pivot foot pedal

item #: mp4580R
price: $54.95
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Moon Small Dragster Foot Pedal

Cast Aluminum with sand blasted finish. Pedal measures 7" tall and 2-1/2" wide - mounting base is 2-12" x 2-1/2".

item #: MP4582
price: $34.95
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Moon Barefoot Pedal

The world famous Moon "Barefoot" gas pedal. Choose small or large. Small is 6" long - large is 7" long.

Moon Barefoot Pedal - Large
item #: R3034lg
price: $22.95
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Penetrating Oil & Lubricate

Made in USA. GIBBS Brand Penetrating Oil & Lubricant was invented by Paul Gibbs, a Harley-Davidson mechanic with a background in chemistry. GIBBS Brand was the first penetrant to ever become patented, establishing a new category in the Library of Congress. It is the only penetrant / lubricant / waterproofer available that undercoats metal and can be painted over. Anything treated with GIBBS will not attract dust or dirt.

GIBBS Brand is a revolutionary, patented product that works in all temperatures to clean and eliminate corrosion, to waterproof, and to lubricate mechanical hardware. It's even safe to use on various materials including metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and wood! It is highly praised in law enforcement, GIBBS Brand has a well-proven track record with the FBI, custom firearm manufacturers and both the Chicago and Detroit police departments. The ultimate cleaning agent, GIBBS Brand is a supreme penetrating, lubricating, and universal surface conditioning fluid that not only prevents rust, but actually reverses oxidation.

GIBBS Brand Penetrating Oil & Lubricant is a commercial grade product that will replace all of your other penetrants, degreasers, and spray on lubricants.

- Protect & preserve all types of bare metal - the perfect tool for the metal fabricator
- Detailing all vinyl, leather, wood, metal and painted surfaces
- Degrease automotive parts and engine compartments
- Elimination and reversal of rust
- Ultra lubrication of all automobile mechanisms and assemblies
- Frees corroded gears, engines, hinges and bolts
- Remove surface rust from chrome and painted surfaces
- Lubricate & waterproof hinges, latches and locks, machinery and industrial equipment

GIBBS Brand Penetrating Oil & Lubricate contains no abrasives, acids, arsenic, carcinogens, corrosives, graphite, kerosene bases, masking perfumes, pigments, silicones, Teflon or waxes. Available in 12 oz. spray cans and 2 oz. pump spray bottles. The small spray bottle is a perfect size for your tool box and can be refilled from the 12 oz. spray can.

GIBBS Brand - One(1) 12 Oz. Spray Can
item #: gb00
price: $26.95
On Sale! - $22.95
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GIBBS Brand - Two(2) 12 Oz. Spray Can
item #: gb02
price: $50.95
On Sale! - $45.95
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GIBBS 2oz. Pump Spray Bottle
Penetrating Oil & Lubricate

Same great GIBBS Penetrating Oil & Lubricate in a handy 2oz. pump spray bottle. The small spray bottle is a perfect size for your tool box and can be refilled from the 12 oz. spray can. Made in USA.

item #: gb_sm
price: $9.95
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