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Wing Style Air Cleaner Nut

This great looking air cleaner nut nut perfectly match many different styles of air clenaers. Chrome plated for lasting beauty, the nut is tapped 1/4-20" to fit most applications.

item #: MRG6398
price: $6.95
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Tri-Bar Spin Nut
The Tri-Bar Spin Nut is chrome-plated for lasting beauty that enhances any air cleaner. Fits all 1/4 - 20 and 5/16-18 studs.

item #: mrg9868
price: $6.95
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Continental Type Air Cleaner

Continental Style 2 BBL and 4 BBL Air Cleaners Back in the 1950's Frank Dominianni was running his Hi-Speed Power Equipment speed shop in Valley Stream, NY. He was heavily involved with sports car racing and with the American importer of Ferrari automobiles (Luigi Chinetti). He also was a major importer of the Italmeccanica blower. He tooled up for and manufactured two and four barrel air cleaners which he called Continental Type. By far the most famous car that used these air cleaners was the 1932 Ford 3-window coupe show rod of Andy Kassa from New Jersey. O'Brien Truckers has created brand new patterns and core boxes to recreate these two air cleaners and manufacture them here in the USA. In addition, we commissioned two custom made cotton gauze washable lifetime elements which we wrap with screen and wire mesh to give our customers an air cleaner that not only looks like Frank's original Continental Type air cleaner but filters to modern day standards. Fits carbs with a 2-5/8" neck and is 16- 3/4" wide, 4-3/4" tall from the carb neck to the top.

item #: ACC2B
price: $261.95
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Edmunds Custom Air Cleaner

Priced each. Edmunds Custom 4-1/2" tall polished aluminum round air cleaner. Fits carbs with 2-5/8" neck - includes traditional wire-mesh element. Made in USA.

item #: obedcus
price: $72.95
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Boetter Style "Bullet" Air Cleaner

Here's a Boettger '53-'54 Corvette style air cleaner, but sized to fit 2-5/8" Stromberg and Holley style carbs. Air cleaner is 4" tall, 2-3/4" outside diameter, and fits 2-5/8" carburetor necks and secured with a set screw. Polished stainless steel and priced each.

item #: 120
price: $95.95
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Bug Horn

A perfect air cleaner for your Stromberg, Holley, & Ford 2 barrel carbs. Precision machined of premium aluminum alloy to fit solidly - secured with a stainless set screw. Each comes with our all stainless mesh Bug Dome to keep the big stuff out of your carb. The Bug Horn stands only 2" tall, for low hood clearance considerations.

item #: 4030
price: $62.95
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Round Air Cleaner

Here's a classic polished finned aluminum round 2" tall x 4" round air cleaner. Fits Stromberg 97 / 81 / 48 or Edelbrock, Holly / CG 94 carburetors with 2 5/8" top.

item #: ac4f2
price: $49.95
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Air Scoop

Famous "Frog Mouth" scoop. Polished aluminum casting with locking screw - fits carbs with 2-5/8" neck like Stromberg 97 or Holley / CG 94. Overall height is 4" and includes a set screw.

item #: 91611001
price: $27.95
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Hot Rod Frog Mouth Scoop

Chrome plated - fits carburetors with 2 5/8" neck like 97s or 94s. These are heavier and chrome plated compared to the polished aluminum air scoops. Priced each.

item #: obhrscop
price: $28.95
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"Max Wedge" Polished Finned Aluminum Air Cleaner

Wedge air cleaner fits carburetors with 2-5/8" neck. Features super nice polish and cast aluminum base. Top measures 6" wide x 3-1/4" tall x 4-1/2" front to back. Includes paper 4" filter.

item #: AC-9600-W4
price: $104.95
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